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Vally Lodge 2016 

Jim WaszMessage from Worshipful Master Jim Wasz. I am proud and humbled to be re-elected your Worshipful Master for 2016. I want to take this opportunity to share of few of my thoughts about the coming year and beyond. "Participation is key." That's what my college dorm chairman used to say about trying to win the College Intramural Championship. What he was trying to convey is that just being a member of the dorm wasn't enough. Be active. I think that's true in life and in Masonry. Get involved in a meaningful way for you and make every day count. Be a beacon for other men who might enjoy a reciprocal relationship with Masonry.
In December, we raised two more Master Masons, bringing our total to 9 for 2015. Several of these new MM's are participating as line officers and leaders. This is a great foundation for our near future. Several events last fall exposed our community to Valley Lodge, including our Lodge of Instruction/Open House, our Haunted Lodge (in conjunction with our Rainbow Girls chapter) on Halloween night, and collecting a Santa Sleigh's worth of toys and food for the Holiday Store Salvation Army drive. Our "brand" continues to climb in the community. More men are interested in discovering who Masons are and what we do.

For my part as Master, my primary job continues to be "to serve the Craft" through communication, planning, structure and overall leadership. We are still looking for participation from brothers on our Activities and Masonic Education Initiative Committees. I encourage everyone (even those of you at a distance) to get off the sideline and play a role in our Lodge. As the trestle board below reveals, we begin year two of some new traditions/events. You can continue to find brothers enjoying fellowship at our Lodge (and in the basement) on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month for our Lodges of Instruction. Our MEI (Masonic Education Initiative) will continue to bring to the Craft interesting topics for discussion and debate.

Our Trestle Board is subject to additions and revisions. To stay abreast of our Lodge activities and calendar, check out our newly renovated website Stay tuned. We encourage your input and participation into the business of our Lodge. Fraternally, W.M. Jim Wasz